About Us

Global Arthik Samajik Sehyog Samiti is a non government, non political, non religious, voluntary organization committed for the welfare of poor, down- trodden and socially out cast people of the society under the Constitution of India. The organization is also providing its valuable services for various technical and social causes.

Young dynamic professional group, with the guidance, constitutes the organization advice of renowned social workers and professionals from various fields of life. In continuance with our point of interest, to achieve our objectives for the welfare of masses we had undertaken /are undertaking various programmers.

GASSS was founded in 2010 by a dedicated social worker Mr. Nand Kumar Paswan who has a mission for the rights and development of women and children. GASSS is working for grassroots people and organizations in order to resolve the major Socio -Economic, Cultural and human rights problem prevalent in the communities and for the attainment of Social justice and protection of human rights at the community level.

Target Group:

Rural Poor Communities specially women and children, Communities who are below the poverty line, labors and artisans etc.

Activities :
  1. Health Awareness
  2. Environment Awareness
  3. Women Empowerment
  4. Tree Plantation
  5. Social & Cultural Activities
  6. Adult Education
  7. Vocational Training
  8. Non-Formal Education
  9. Life skills Education
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