Objectives of the Society:

  1. To work for the welfare and self dependency of women and children by running educational and training centers.
  2. To work with the weaker section of society for their economic, social and moral development.
  3. To established the institutions providing education and technical trainings for the welfare of needy people and enlistment of the society.
  4. To identify handicapped and organized training for their rehabilitation.
  5. To create awareness in the society for the environment preservation.
  6. To work in the area of women health focusing violence against women, Gender issue, infant mortality and maternal mortality etc.
  7. For the human rights issues especially related to labor, child labor, Dalits, Tribal, minority class and weaker section of the society.
  8. To with government, semi government, non government organization and likeminded agencies for the all round development of the Urban and rural community by conducting and running different programs and activities.
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